Monday, June 16, 2008

Fruity Times

essay : It's amazing how it must take a dead hero's legacy first for the youth to be reminded to use common sense. To be perfectly honest I believe that the so-called apathy of the youth is so overrated; the youth in turn only utilizes this general perception of them to get away with murder. A homeless sexagenarian man who made a living out of the used plastic water bottles littered along the streets of EDSA and was recently run over by a ten-wheeler truck surely once extolled the youth, only not perhaps as grandiose as how Rizal made it known.
To be brutal about this, justifying the belief in me is easy; dedicating it to Rizal, however, is kind of absurd. How about dedicating it to those who truly deserve it? The modern heroes we call OFW's, the oppresed ganged-up by inequal opportunities, the future generation whose potential lies in their being impressionable to the youth of the now's corresponding responsibilty. These are the people who need the fruit of that belief in me; and that hope is what propels me to be human more than anything..
I'm not downgrading Rizal's contribution to the Filipinos. Rizal's exaltation and sacrifice in the name of his country is indisputable, and for that he's the national hero. It' just that at the end of the day, "justifying the belief of Rizal in me as a youth" is nothing more like putting up a blog where you pose all your photos helping because you're a member of Greenpeace, Gawad Kalinga, Rock Ed, Bantay Bata, yadiyadiyada. Good Lord, just shut up and be of use! Don't litter, plant trees, don't waste water and electricity, bring stray dogs and cats to animal impounds, segregate the biodegradable and non-biodegradable, learn to recycle plastics.
Be humble. Enrich your mind, body and soul. Don't eat more than you should. Be compassionate, open-minded, respectful. Pay your blessings forward instead. Support human rights causes without the sheer desire to get a stint on television for it. And please, don't be narcissistic. It's nauseating. Basically do not do unto others what you do not want to be done to you.
And oh yeah, don't be a politician.
All of these may appear simple and even ineffective, especially when I'd rather do all of these as a one-armed bandit. But it's alright. At least I can say I don't have to exert effort. Others still have to be inspired by the promise of fame and heroism in order to discover that, hey, they're human.
Do I really have to be whatever and justify the belief of whoever in me? I don't know, I just thought it's the right thing to do.

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