Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Given a chance to immigrate, which country & why?

If I were given a chance to immigrate, I would choose to go to Japan. One thing I love most about Japanese is their discipline and how they love their culture. I have seen a television show being broadcasted here in our country that tells stories about Japan and their industrialization. I adore the different ways on how they develop things to make it more valuable and less hazardous. They have a strong inclination to their culture. They still wear their national costume, even the traditions are still being practiced up to now.
Discipline in Japan is manifested through their people as well as the country itself. They are conscious in cleanliness and they place a great improtance in time. They don't want to be late whenever they have a meeting, they would just be there ten or twenty minutes earlier in scheduled time.
Even the education is prioritized. Children are taught duties performed by adults, they are educated on responsibilites which they will do later as they mature.

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