Thursday, June 5, 2008

Given a Chance to Immigrate, Which Country and Why?

I prefer to live in New Zealand.First, there is no traffic even in big cities. Second, the air is clean. Third , the national government takes care its citizens from birth to old age.

An example is that of a minor who was born in New Zealand from foreign parents.Even if the minor lives in other countries, he is financially supported by the New Zealand government until he reaches 18 or becomes an adult. . In addition, New Zealand's educational system is free up to the tertiary level.

With my skills in newspaper and magazine production-- from interviewing, writing, editing, headlining, caption writing to proofreading-- I know I can find a job in any major cities in New Zealand. As most companies are equal opportunity employers, my age would not be a hindrance in looking for an employment. Or I can be self-employed as editorial consultant or publisher of community or association newspapers.

Since I am fluent in written and oral English, and can pass as a native speaker, it would be a breeze working there even with government agencies.I am also willing to work as driver or even a farm hand in the sheep industry there.

In short, New Zealand can be both a retirement haven or a place to work even as a senior citizen.I also chose New Zealand since I have two nephews who are New Zealanders. They were born in Wellington when my younger brother and his wife were taking their masteral and doctoral degrees in geothermal technology in Wellington University.Also I have another nephew and relatives in Australia. I can be with my relatives during vacations or holidays.

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