Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hope for a change

Is there hope in the Philippines?Why?

2. There is still hope in the Philippines. I know deep in my heart that there are still some people who likes to encourage some people to go hand in hand in solving problems arising in our country. Many political figures are there too to lend their hand and help most of us but some of them have their way of doing this just for their political ambitions. Not only hoping for our country is all that we need, we should also don't forget to pray for our country because prayers can move mountains! We are the government of this country not the persons who are now reigning all over the country, the president, the vice-president, senators, congressmen, etc. all of them should do their part in continuing giving service to us filipinos and not for their political ambitions. We are all filipinos so we should be the one who are helping with each other in times like this.

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