Sunday, June 29, 2008

Indefinite Plan To Go Abroad

Newspaper floods with advertisement looking for registered nurse, caregivers, engineers, and I.T. professionals who are willing and eager to work abroad. Most of our job seekers are applying for working visa going to United States, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. Ranging from Php 25,000 to PHp. 50,000 a month of salary, these job offers will compensate for the needs of our Overseas Filipino Workers, enough to support the expenses of their family, allowing them to live a more convenient life away from home. The contract are usually one to two years. For Taiwan and other countries it is only five to six months depending of the performance of the employee. If the employee performs well in his job, he might have a chance of extending his contract and he will be required to renew his contract after it has lapsed.

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