Monday, June 2, 2008

Inevitable and Never-Ending Confusing Dilemmas

Being a native of the Philippines (which undoubtedly, makes me a Filipino) is not only an honor, but is also, definitely, definitely, something that I am proud of, believe it or not. Look on the bright side, they say, and I daresay, I have always spared the bright side more than a glimpse or two. Some people tire of this seemingly doomed and unsuccessful piece of land, pointing fingers at politicians, and then at the person beside them. Hypocritical as I may sound, yes. I am proud of being a Filipino, of having been born in the Philippines. Granting that there are a dozen things I hate within its walls, there are also a lot of things I love about it, which actually makes up for what I detest . I love its climate, the way we always figure out intelligent mischief, our fashion styles that rage from being simple yet elegant, to being ornately simple, the different romantic languages, homemade delicacies, close-knitted families, great friends, and my list could go on and on.

But being proudly Filipino does not discount the fact that there are a lot of things that ought to concern not only me, but the millions of other Filipinos out there. We live in a country full of upsides and a vast amount of downsides. We suffer from great financial crises, and I for one, am greatly affected by it. We have always had raging problems with corruption, a rusty political structure, hasty businessmen, self-centered civilians who do not heed the distress of their motherland. I wake up everyday, wondering if this world could still be saved from all the growing problems that arise day after day. From all the worry of an increase in prices, fare, oil, heck, I guess even the prices of toothpicks have even increased, from worrying if our leaders are that capable of even handling a country, let alone a kindergarten school, and from all other environmental concerns.

Given, that these things that affect us are merely material things, yet, they are vital for survival. Sometimes I doubt if these things we crave and craze about are what we really need, or are they just needed to make things convenient for us? Do we really have to have a lot of these? Or do we just want to have more? Do we give to others because we no longer need what we give? Or should we give to them because we know they need it more than we do or sometimes we just do not need it at all? Will this haze of human selfishness and greed forever take toll within us?

These thoughts run through my mind every time I hear the evening news, whenever my dad complains about expenses, and each time I feel like tomorrow I may not be able to live at all simply because these material goods do not exist for me and my family anymore. And I figured, if over a hundred other Filipinos out there realize and fathom the same thought, and know that there is nothing to be selfish about these mere material objects that vanish in time and are consumed within seconds, then I guess we could be over a hundred million less selfish brats who pine for something good not only for themselves, but for others as well. As a Filipino, I am concerned about when we all will wake up, snap back to reality, and believe me, THIS, is not yet reality. Let's give a little, take a little, let our poor hearts break a little. Let's take what we need, give what we can, and realize that these objects we fight over, pine about, only exist here and within minutes, they really can disappear.

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