Monday, June 16, 2008

Innovativeness versus Intelligence

My favorite electronic gadget would be a cellphone! The evolution of our technology here in our country is coping with the other countries as well. A cellphone is a common gadget for any person who is capable of buying this kind of stuff. Firstly, it's very convenient for any transactions, mostly for those people who have businesses. Second, it's affordable, there are already prepaid cellphones and prepaid cards as well. Third, accessibility, nowadays, you can talk to your family and friends whenever, wherever without even going to a pay phone booth. Of course, there are some disadvantages on this gadget. They say that it affects the ability of a person to use proper spelling and grammar, and composition of sentences due to text messages, which is one of so many features of a cellphone gadget. Other than this, a research shows that constant use of cellphone could lead to a cancer. Well, I guess, it's just a matter of discipline towards the use of this gadget. As they say, too much of anything is bad, so moderation is needed, for your own sake.

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