Sunday, June 29, 2008


I truly believe in the idea that marriage is for the establishment of a conjugal and family life. I also believe that the ends may be achieved without necessarily going through the traditional means. That said, I am open to the idea that two people of the same-sex can love each other and be lifetime partners or lovers. However, marriage is an entirely different issue. As it stands, the Family Code of the Philippines does not recognize the validity of a same-sex or gay marriage. It defines marriage as a special contract of permanent union between a (straight) man and a (straight) woman. Beneath the clear mandate of the law, however, is a culture war that has long been brewing between the Christian group on one hand and the gay rights organization on the other. Thus, it makes it very much akin to the abortion issue in this sense. The issue of gay marriage will reignite culture wars and ensure that these wars will be fought long and hard for many years to come.

My opinion on the matter is this: I feel that gay people should be given the same rights as those of straight men or straight women including the right to marry. However, unless and until the law is changed, there is not much anyone can do except respect it.

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