Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Let us all unite sexually

essay :
First and foremost I personally believe that paranoid, insecure couples get married. More than anything it is really the love and trust that should bind two people together. For heaven's sake, leave God out of this! If some of us remember, God was there "to witness and bless" those couples before the altar who are now divorced months into their marriages. Whether heterosexual or homosexual marriage, it's just like any other religious rite of passage. Like the sacrificing of children, or the infibulation practice in some parts of Africa. God loves us all, long as we have love and trust for Him, and respect and equality among among one another. Whether we are straight, poof, dykes, clergymen or public-relations writers.
Alhough it would take the world millenia in order to embrace this simple truth. Until then I'd have to be burnt at the stake down the plaza for this belief. Peace!

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