Sunday, June 8, 2008

London Love

If given the chance to migrate to any country, I would choose the United Kingdom. I have always dreamt of going to the U.K. particularly in London, England. After reading articles and seeing pictures about the country, I've been amazed and fascinated since then. I also admire the country's rich culture and clean environment. I've always wanted to ride the double decker bus, take the subway, see the amazing Big Ben and take photographs of the Queen's castle at night and overlooking the river of Thames. I also wanted to experience visiting certain historic places like old castles, the first cafe where J.K. Rowling wrote the first Potter book and the Harry Potter filming locations. Even though I do not drink alcohol or beer, visiting a pub in London is also one of the things I wanted to experience. I have met a few british friends online and I have to say, they are one the nicest people in the world so it would be great to finally meet some of them.

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