Saturday, June 14, 2008

my ideas

1. What are your concerns as a Filipino today?
- As a young Filipino, my concerns are, to be role model to my fellowmen, to be keen observant to my environment/society, be a good citizen in obeying our law, rules and regulations. and most of all participate some civic activities, programs, and organizations in a purpose of peace, unity and progress. The most crucial things we concerned is our environment. We obsrerve, we suffered climate change. we called it Global Warming, because were abusing our nature,we are not all concerns to what may be the outcome. If were a good citizens we must pay attentions to our society, even in damping our garbage at home properly.

2. What is your opinion on Gay Marriage?
- My opinion on Gay Marriage is trashy relationship?-because, both parties give only on self interest of their own lives.Why? because God create only two gender, either male or female. And if one relation comes to, male to male relationship?, its something not good to others sight. And its a sin. And they dont know, that it lower our fertility rates to our country,theres no babies will be born? and maybe our manual labor decreases if that will happen. And also,it against the Matrimonial Doctrine of Catholic Church and all other Religions that we have.Im not against to a gay person to what they call? but on relationship?its a big impact to our society in the future. Gay people is good,they're all creative and talented in everything.

3. Is there hope in the Philippines? Why?
- Yes! there is hope in the Philippines, because, Philippines is a very rich country, specially in line of agriculture and minerals. We are all globally compettive in technology, industry and business. We do exportations and importations abroad, and most were a good competitors to other countries, specially in sports, (boxing, billiards.and chess), entertainments, like movies,indie films and cultural shows and musics.
In history before, filipinos are intelligent and clever than western people...and now we look to our own country?we may say that there's no hope will happen..But there Is..!What the best thing we do is self development.
WE must be a good Christians to everything and everywhere.

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