Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Life

essay : Rizal has extolled the youth, that is you, to be the future of our country. In what way can you justify Rizal's belief in you?

I being the future of our country as Jose Rizal has extolled can make a big difference for our country. In just a little way of following the rules and making the right decisions, I can make a big impact to our country. If we just follow the rules we we walk along the streets which we walk only on pedestrian lanes, stop when needed to stop and many more rules along the streets, discipline would start to live on us. It could follow how we comprehend, it could follow how we make the right decisions. As I believie, change begins from within ourselves, if we change for our betterment and our fellowmen notice the difference on us, he could realized how nice it is to see one self in his little own way making a difference in our country.

The challenge also to pursue an education is I believe what Rizal left for me. I I would be educated and well discipline, how happy is to see people having the spirit of nationalism live in between them.

As we live then, let us not forget to take every step in our lives in the right way, as Rizal had given his life fpr his country, we the youth, cannot do the same but to make a difference within us for our beloved country.

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