Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Zeland,A land for Future Immigration

essay : Given a chance to immigrate, which country & Why?

New Zealand is a paradise land, a stunning landscapes of mountains, a spectacular and gorgeous land of nature and oceans, a temperate climate for living things to live in, it has an abundance source of ecosystem wherein people could live and breathe fresh air. With beautiful and elegant National Parks, its like spending time in the wilderness. It has mild temperatures and has Four Seasons such as Autumn, Winter, Fall and Summer, the right country to enjoy outdoor and even Indoor sports with the explicable view of nature, you can appreciate the wonderful creations of our Great Providence. The people itself are friendly and Self-Reliant. Kiwi people are known to appreciate their good influence of Maori, Pacific and Asian Cultures like our Filipino values that are much preserved and given much priority. The most striking Highlight that I love most about New Zealand is the division of two specific Southern and Northern Paradise Island, that you can enjoy the place, while doing hiking, stargazing on the yachts, the blend of green fields and hills, the spectacular views of forest and beaches that appeals to my distinct taste of adventure and love in nature. With the photogenic Coastal sights of the West mixed with wind and water on the sculpted Coastline.You'll probably love to live there for your entire life. The panoramic scene in the top of the Mount overwhelms your heart free from stress and struggles in the World. People will love to immigrate in a land where scintillating view of blue oceans surrounds you, a mixed of spectacular and good people who values their precious Natural Heritage as Filipino does.

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