Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Philippines in 2008

There have been a lot of catastrophs that our country is facing today,it was not more than a week that the Abu Sayaff set free their hostages,yet another storm brought havoc to the western part of the visayan region. We are challenged with higher prices of basic commodity severing the conditon of poverty.

The president is working hard to resolve these problems. Continued support of every Filipino people to the government will help the economy of our country grow despite the threat of terrorism in Mindanao.The alarming price increase of rice is a bit of diasappointing to the poor sector of the society living in subsistence, knowing that the demand for a minimum wage hike is temporarily ignored by policy makers due to other economic problems of our country.

However,these problem and issues did not stop the anticipation and excitement of our fellow eager to watch Manny Pacquiao on boxing arena this coming Sunday in Las Vegas for the WBC lightweight title. This will put away our worries and fears due to the sad events happening in our country.

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