Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Philippines in 2008

essay : A week after the Abu Sayaff had set freee their hostages in Jolo, typhoon "Frank" brought havoc to the provinces of Romblon, Panay, Samar and Cebu leaving thousands of Filipinos homeless with billion of Pesos worth of damages on agriculture and infrastructure. Our fellows sought temporary shelter in public schools and gymnasium. They received financial aid from the government funds as they were all waiting for the floods to subside.
While the continued devaluation on Peso has again raised additional problem for both labor and business sector as the prices of oil products increases uncontrollably with the prices of basic commodities like rice, flour, cooking oil etc. The business sector has won favor from the senate not to implement the minimum wage hike increase for which the labor union has demanded from the government. Both groups are still coming into terms that are amenable to every Filipino living in subsistence.

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