Monday, June 9, 2008

Small voice, big attitude

essay : "I am but a small voice, I have but a small dream..."as goes the song popular in every children's mass, or at the very least, to every religious activity that focus on children. We often see them, or the youth as a whole, as a picture of meekness, innocence and short, frail and needs support. But not the Filipino youth. We are not tagged as one of the happiest in Asia if we have not proved, time and again, of what we are capable of doing, and changing. Had Rizal suddenly risen from his proverbial palace in Luneta, he will surely applaud of the things today's youth has reached in this era most especially. We have senators who defy the norms, and for once, never go with the graft - and - corruption flow so typical in our government, and yet barely the age of 40. We have child heroes who risked their lives for others, be it in life-threatening situations or making money for a large family, on a daily basis. We have notable artists and champions, who excel in the fields of literature,music, sports,and entertainment , some even haven't filed their first income tax returns yet. And of course, we still have young,high- spirited blood, like me, who yearn to make a difference and continuously hone the talents we have by channeling it through organizations that hopefully, be the fount of best minds of the country. Yes, we have small voices, but don't belittle our attitudes. We may have small steps now, but in it, we are bringing along hope for the land.

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