Thursday, June 5, 2008

something to say...

1. One of my concerns as a Filipino today is to let our new generation kids and the next generation kids to come the old filipino values and traditions that our parents thought us way back when we were kids then. Most of the kids right now are no longer saying "OPO" and "PO" with our elders, mostly the grandparents nowadays. How come we all forget all of this teachings coming from them as their gift to us so that when we have our own family and kids we can teach them the proper values as a person. Hope and pray that from this day on i can still see some kids says or response our elderly "OPO" and "PO" when they are having conversations. Only a few grandparents are alive nowadays who are still trying to teach their grandsons and granddaughters the old filipino values and traditions.

2. There is still hope in the Philippines. I know deep in my heart that there are still some people who likes to encourage some people to go hand in hand in solving problems arising in our country. Many political figures are there too to lend their hand and help most of us but some of them have their way of doing this just for their political ambitions. Not only hoping for our country is all that we need, we should also don't forget to pray for our country because prayers can move mountains! We are the government of this country not the persons who are now reigning all over the country, the president, the vice-president, senators, congressmen, etc. all of them should do their part in continuing giving service to us filipinos and not for their political ambitions.

3. It's about time that these beautiful people gays and lesbians be married nowadays. In our time right now, we should be supporting these people to be legally married so that their relationship will be also be like that of a man and woman relationship. There is no reason for these people not to be married they are also human beings in love with each other and would like to spend their whole life being together. Nowadays, these gays and lesbians are the one's who are helping financially in their respective families in all countries in the world. I would be happy if in all parts of the world gays and lesbians be respected of what and who they are as they give respect back to normal men and women too.

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