Friday, June 6, 2008

UK immigrant

essay : If I were given a chance to immigrate, I would choose U.K., why, because I've been there and got attracted to it for many reasons. I admire how they have preserved their historical heritages, like buildings, houses and church, it shows how they value their culture and how nationalistic they are. I also like the British accent; they look cute when they speak. And I'm fascinated on how diverse the nationalities who have immigrated there, Asians, Americans, Europeans, Africans/dark, fair, tan skinned. Walked around London and saw the united colors of nationalities there. And it's not so different from the Philippines, why I didn't have a hard time adjusting when I got there, except of course when I was shopping, because the value of their money is relatively higher than ours. Beaches, mountains, lakes, valleys, forest, best of nature have to offer are good places to visit if you get tired of the London City.

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