Thursday, June 5, 2008

the webworm's thoughts

• What are your concerns as a Filipino today ?

The Filipinos themselves are my concern right now (this includes me) and the ways on which we could come out of our self-made shells and show the world what we really got. We are being treated as underdogs abroad. Are we going to allow it to happen forever? It should not be! We deserve better than what we have right now despite the troubles that we are into right now.

I can sense that we are now being bombarded with nuclear like problems and I strongly feel that we are also the cause of these problems. Headlines about political issues have been the breakfast of most of us whenever we tune on the television or the radio and even in the broadsheets since the past few months. I'm always looking for the 'brighteners' in the news.

I'm always looking for something lighter and amusing rather that those that would make me think that I should marry in the future because this is not a good country.

We keep blaming or leaders but we refuse, most of us, to look at our own shortcomings. Filipinos are great people. I know it and I can really prove it because I have been with them aside from the fact that I am a Filipino myself.

We got a wacky race here and also an undeniably humorous one. We could laugh despite our problems and that is really something that could be called a talent. Not all people could do that 'smiling thing' in front of the camera while the cars are falling and flying behind them.

If only the Filipinos would just stop looking at the faults of others and just focus on his/her owns gifted self, then I'm pretty sure that this country would be heading to the most coveted place of progress and harmony.

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