Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What are your concerns as a Filipino today ?

essay : The Philippines is facing a great crisis today. I think the problem started even before our grandparents were born. We have a rich land and natural resources but we have a political chaos and greedy leaders which makes our country even poorer. It's sad to know the fact that we have already been overshadowed by countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. These countries also belong to the third-world but they find ways on how to improve the lives of their people. The government should think ways on how to be able to catch up with the developing countries.
Volume of unemployed Filipinos is getting bigger and bigger. Graduates find it difficult to find a job that suit the qualification of companies. We have talented and skilled workers but they prefer to give service to other nations. It is alarming that our professionals leave our country hoping that they find future and better living outide the Philippines.
Beggars and streetchildren are still visible in every roads. I sympathize for those people but I have nothing to offer them.
Leaders must serve our country and not take our money. We have a lot of problems and it's getting more complicated. Something should be done. We shouldn't wait for our people to die because of hunger. I'm still optimistic that someday, someone who will be placed as the leader of our country will bring great change.

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