Sunday, June 8, 2008

What are your concerns as a Filipino today?

essay : There's a lot of concern that I have as a Filipino. It may sound idealistic but I want our country to be one of the most progressive country of the world. But, we can only do this if we start within our self. So for me my concerns as a filipino are: first job oppurtunities and stable job, next is to provide good education for my children and lastly world peace. First on my list is job oppurtunities and stable job because I believe that having a lot of oppurtunities and stable job is also one of the basic needs of every filipino families. Next is good education because as a mother education is the only thing that I can give to my children that they can use for their future. Last is world peace, basically as a mother I don't want a place wherein there's a lot of chaos and misunderstanding that can cause mind buggling for my children and family.

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