Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What are your concerns as a Filipino today ?

We all know that our country have many investors from different countries and most of them love to stay here, I am afraid, that as a Filipino our identity will be gone in the near future. Since, most of the foreigners now dominates us, we may inherit their culture and ways of living. From basketball team to the business industries, people with half-foreign-blood were given priority or were being looked-up-to than those with pure-blood Filipino citizens. Sooner or later, our country will be governed by them.

It is an advantage that we learn different kind of languages, but I do hope that Tagalog will never be forgotten. It is very sad to know that we can speak spanish, english, or Korean languages among others fluently but we cannot understand Visaya, Ilocano, Ilonggo, "Kapampangan", etc.

It is very heart breaking for me to see and hear Filipinos working abroad or planning to work abroad. Most of our students today wanted to learn and do good in schools because they wanted to leave our country and not to help build a stronger economy.

And yes, my primary concern is the future of the Filipinos of the next generation. Are they still be the Philippine's hope? Only, if we can learn how to love our country again.

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