Sunday, June 8, 2008

What are your concerns as a Filipino today?

People nowadays are too far from being old long time ago, they are more mature, independent, liberated and wide open when it comes to different issues. They tend to be a player rather than sitting and following rules set by elders.
It can be helpful but sometimes become a treat, and as times go by different acceptance are being held, we are like this but we are not like that. It is good for us and it makes our way of living good and best but doesn't nessesary to be forgetfull for what we are before the attitude and traits that are parents teaches. Good manners still feels good and in the world that we are living now we must succeed and we must fight for what is right and acceptable to the eyes of God, parents, friends and people. By the standard of living, people are today they must and they should possess the traits that we need in order to survive the world of innovation.

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