Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What is your favorite electronic gadget and why?

My favorite electronic gadget would be the television. It does not only give entertainment but makes use a lot of your time as well. You can watch your favorite show whether it be broadcasted live, recorded earlier or just a replay. Music channels not only give you your sought-after bands' music, you can also see their music videos. You can watch and hear music at the same time which is more fun and exciting.
Some prefer watching television alone, while others enjoy it more when watching with their families. I love it best when eating in front of my television. It makes me want to just sit down, relax and enjoy my meal while watching my favorite television show.
As I got home from work, I change clothes immediately and sit in our living room as I turn my television on. There I can rest my mind from stressful workloads. Hilarious television shows really helps in easing my tired mind and body. That's why I always make sure I have time for watching television because it somehow acts as my recreational activity.

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