Sunday, June 15, 2008

What is your favorite electronic gadget and why?

The only gadget I've always wanted is the Asus EeePC laptop which was launch officially in Taipei Expo last October 2007. The new EeePC 900 is the new top of the line release that boasts of 0.99 kg weight together with the buzz that Asus have sold 1 million EeePC within 5 months since its release. It's a new chapter for Asus' innovative team that made laptops more convenient for people who may not be competitive enough to deal with most of these days computing complexity but who needs to meet daily basic needs.

Mobility, one of EeePC's major factor not only considering the weight and its 8.9" lcd screen size but also, it offers solid state disk (SSD) system which is a quiet, power saving, and shock proof storage disk that replaces old lovely HDD for rugged and fast lifestyle. And that's not all, it offers everything and anything you can see from an ordinary sized (and expensive) laptops except for the optical drive, it has its own built-in 1.2 MegaPixel camera, WLAN/LAN cards, FingerGlide mouse pad and either an XP Home or Linux Operating System depending on your choice. Unfortunately, EeePC haven't come up with an idea of personalizing its Pearl White/Black case or offering various colors at least, but, like what what others say, 'Simple is perfect'.

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