Thursday, June 5, 2008

What Is Your Opinion on Gay Marriage

About 10 percent of the population in the Philippines is gay. If the government would not allow gays to be married the state is depriving a 10th of its population to enjoy their civil rights.The welfare of the inhabitants should be the main concern of the government.

For me gay marriage should be encouraged. It is a fact that gays -- both men and women-- are living together under one roof or illegally adopting children. So, why not legalize their union? Make the adopted kids get legal rights and be entitled to inheritance..Gay marriage, I believe, is a politically right move.

Voters should write their legislators and request them to file bills legalizing marriage between same sex.If the Catholic Church would not sanction the marriage to be solemnized by a judge or a mayor, then so be it. We have the separation of the Church and the state. Let the state recognizes gay marriages and damn with the Church's canon laws.

I believe that in 20 or more years hence, the Church would eventually sanction gay marriages solemnized by government officials.I foresee the time when married men would be allowed as priests. So why not gay marriages?

We are in cyberage and the government should open its eyes to reality-- that there are gays who are living happily together.So, why not make their marriage legal.Everything now is possible. A rich gay could change his gender through surgery, so why all the fuss? Sex change in the future would be less expensive.But, why wait this event to happen? Why should deprive the gays of their basic rights? In my opinion, gay marriages should be allowed--if not by the Church , at least by local governments.

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