Saturday, June 7, 2008

Youth : The Future of Our Society

essay : "Ang Kabataan Ang Pag-asa Ng Bayan". Dr. Jose Rizal placed a great importance on youth, a role that must be performed not just because we have to prove it, but it is a responsibility that should be executed.
Rizal, as we all know proved in every way that he loved his country more than his life. What made him and other heroes sacrifice their own lives? Is it for their fellowmen, for their country and for freedom? Their martyrdom exemplified that we have the power to make a change.
As youth, we are the future leaders of our country. We have in our hands the answer to make a difference.
Education shall serve as our armor. Being an educated person is being somebody and not just a nobody. Working hard in our studies is one way of gratifying our parents for the hardships thay have done for our sake. It is something they will be proud of. Having a great mind and a good heart will lead us to a brighter future. Let us use our knowledge to help build a better society not just for us but for the next generation as well.
Family values should be carried on as we grow. Respect is a great thing to be gained. Who we are going to be lies on the smallest unit of our society - our homes. It is where our character is molded. If we commit ourselves into proper values, then our future is safe. We should open our minds and learn to weigh what is just and righteous. In everything we do, it is necessary to ask for help and guidance. Prayer is a powerful tool.
We must not only speak, we must act. The life of our country is in the hand of today's young people. It is not how big or small person you are, it is what you can do for your country.
Youth have to take on the challenge of fighting for values and universal solidarity, first in our own lives, then our respective families and communities, and finally in society.

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