Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Youth is the future's Hope

essay : The youth is the future of its country. Just like what our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal believed that: 'ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng ating bayan'. In today's life the youth faces a lot of challenges in the society.
Many children weren't able to pursue their education in college. Some don't even have the chance to study. Instead they are forced to work because of their family needs. Many of today's youth engage in early parenthood. Not realizing what would happen to their babies if they themselves weren't able to finish their studies. And some even engage in abortion because of unwanted child. They might not realize it now that what they're doing could affect not only their selves, their love ones but also our society.
So how can the youth of todays be the hope of the country? And is their any future waiting for the next generation?
There is! No one would help themselves unless they do. Change is a matter of choice. Be different if that's what really needed. Though many of the youth engaging themselves into something that cannot help them grow, there are still these youth that are going into the right path.
It not about your broken family, your wasted friends, or any material things you don't have that matters. It is you! If you let yourself be destroyed by these things, what would happen then? In the end you are the loser.
So I still do believe that the youth of todays is the future of our country. Don't lose hope. Believe in yourself. Make your family and friends proud of you! Be different! And achieve your goal in life just like me, and many other youth did!

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