Thursday, July 3, 2008

Accepting and Recognizing Anyone's Part thru Marital Union of the Third Kind

What is your opinion on Gay Marriage?

Being Gay is never a liability to the economy nor to the Society. There are mulititude of countries that recognizes the union of the same sex. Most of these countries belong to the First World. If recognizing gay marriages is detrimental to a nation's success, these countries would have long gone suffered.

The Gay community in the philippines has long gone tried to stir changes in the society. This is the challenge they are facing. The community must face the strong influence of the Catholic Church and the macho culture.

It is openness that we are asking. It is what we are roughly deprived. The society is subtly saying that you can be productive citizens. We will tax you. You can be successful but you cannot belong to a life partner of your choice. The law is even tougher with bills of Senators Marcelo B. Fernan and Miriam Defensor Santiago that barred recognition of marriage involving transgender individuals, contracted in the Philippines or abroad, and bar recognition of marriages or domestic partnership between two people of the same biological sex contracted in countries that legally recognize such relationships.

This is a huge slap on the face. We could have parters outside but we won't be called as such in our own country. Don't you think that's sad? Do we need to have another visit from Jesus for the Society to accept their brothers as their own, beyond status or lifestyle?

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