Monday, July 28, 2008


As a Filipino, it has been always my concern regarding the plight of my fellow Filipinos. As time goes by it seems that our condition is deteriorating. We are somehow retrograding morally and as a nation. Every Filipino should try to strive harder to change the mainstream scenario of our political condition but we need social maturity first.

My greatest concern is of increase of basic commodities. The price of these goods are increasing yet our salary still the same. Our salary should be increase or else we won't survive.

Secondly, due to sudden increase of rice price, we should take some alternatives. Why not corn instead? It has more calories and carbohydrates than rice. But I do bet that rice is the best companion of viand.

Lastly, due to fare hikes, we should return to basics. Use bike instead or have some exercise. Walking is still the best exercise.

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