Monday, July 7, 2008

The concerns of a Filipino today.

essay : The concerns of a Filipino cannot be crammed into a 150 word essay, but some issues stand out more than others. The high cost of living would be the main concern of someone employed as a factory worker. He or she would find it difficult to make ends meet with todays minimum wage rate.

But not everyone in this country receives minimum wage, there are the mid range wage earners who worry about the next credit card bill after the impulse buying triggered by the sale at the nearby mall. Struggling to live within their means. Brainwashed by peer pressure and glossy magazine covers, a trip to the auto-teller machine ends in vain with "Balance = P 11"

The only one who'd know how to run our country right would be our neighborhood barber. Get an earful of: "If only they would do this and that.... We would have a better country to live in, not this pool of squalor and despair."

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