Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hope for the Philippines

essay : As the adage says, when there is life there is hope. That is why the Philippine has still hope to progress in the near future. We only lose hope when there is no life. I do believe despite that it seems impossible that the Philippines someday will be great again. Change is inevitable. Nothing is permanent only change. So what we are today is different from what we are tomorrow. Despite the social cancer we are facing nowadays soon this cancer will be cured. I do not know how but my faith told me so.. Just like an ordinary people facing obstacles in his life.

Japan was once an underdeveloped county. They also faced great battles especially during the WWII but they never lose hope. I do believe that it is impossible to happen to our country.

This nation will be great again according to President Ferdinand Marcos. If ever we reach social maturity then in time truly this nation will be great again!

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