Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hope, where are you?

Yes I do believe that this country still have hope despite of everything that's happening.
We, Fipino Citizens should act as one. We should be united and think as a group instead of fighting over one another. I think this is the first step for us to maintain a peaceful country.

Second, we should Respect each other. We should respect each other's opinion, suggestion and reaction. We should respect what other people have to say about us, their decisions, their feelings. We have the right to say whatever we have in mind but we should always remember that speaking your mind doesn't always mean that there's an equivalent reaction to be done. If the other doesn't want to do anything about what you have just aired, you must respect that too.

I think these two characteristics will be more than enough for our country to achieve the hope that we were longing for.

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