Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is there hope in the Philippines? Why?

Is there hope in the Philippines? Why?
Of course, there is still hope for the Philippines. The spirit to do good is the reason for this hope. we have prominent political, business and technological leaders who leave their highly paid positions in exchange of public service and deeds for public welfare.
The Red Cross, Boy Scouts of the Philippines, Girl Scouts of the Philippines were in the past inexistent. Their foundations provide us hope collectively as a nation.
But is there hope individually?
The spirit of hope is constant and will not diminish. This is based on the Concept of the Conservation of Energy.
When you consider yourself as a hope of the Philippines, you begin to do things so that you become an asset of your country. You begin to save more, become more orderly and careful, more sociable and more active.
There is hope in the East; there's hope in the WEst; in the South; and in the North.
There is hope in the Philippines because there's hope in New York City, USA. Whereas Pinoy planted rice and ipil-ipil trees in the barangays, Uncle Sam of New York built pollutant emitting factories earning much dollars now but might spend more than this amount in the future, in case its air pollutants damage heavily the affected neighboring inhabitants.

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