Thursday, July 3, 2008

Living like a Japanese

essay : I always wonder how to be a japanese, it is something that really interest me a lot. Everytime I see or heared about the country Japan, on a news or magazine, or a book, I was always fascinating about their heritage, culture and way of living. I see japan as one of the most "beautiful country" of all. Not the literary meaning of being beautiful, it is beautiful for me beacuse they have discipline, they also value their family and traditional yet successful. Discipline, simply observed their transportation, you can see that their terminals are well organized, people are properly orient where to ride and there's no huge traffic on their road compare to us. Family value, just like Filipino's they value their family, they show it by eating together, spend quality time and ensuring family needs are meet. And lastly keeping their traditions and beliefs despite of adopting to new technology.

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