Thursday, July 3, 2008

movies, songs and TV = Devant portability

essay : What is your favorite electronic gadget and why?

If you are a movie aficionado, a music addict, and a couch potato who is always on the go, the DEVANT Model DV-P270-N model would be the best to have.

The price is right for this new line portable entertainment media. At a selling price of P12000, the following features are worth it. 7" TFT LCD screen, Dolby digital recorder, compatible DNX/MPEG4/dvd/svcd/vcd/cd/ and kodak pictures. Although I do not recommend you use pirated copies of movies and music, it has this decoder that reads them well. It is still best to use original copies though as it lenghtens the life of the reading lens. It is complete with a battery pack, ACDC adapter, car adapter and cable/tv adapter.

All parts are imported from Europe. Manufacturer is Next Base which is reputable in portables. It has a manufacturer's one year warranty included and some appliance stores sells extra warranty at a reasonable price. So if you see yourself as fitting the target market, then go and grab your own. I have one and peformance is satisfactory.

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