Monday, July 7, 2008

My beliefs on gay marriage

The marriage of individuals who are physiologically similar brings about many issues. There's a concern about their inability to procreate. Try to imagine a society of only gay marriages, give it a few years and it will slowly disappear from the face of this earth because there is no next generation to carry on its legacy. Of course there is a moral issue which would be unpopular to delve into here.

Many homosexuals lead normal lives by just "living-in" with their partner, it is quite baffling why they would want to get married. The main reason may be fiscal, wherein they can now have legal rights to conjugal properties, but it still is an exercise in futility, because the next of kin would be the spouse and no one else. What happens when the widowed gay spouse dies ? There would be relative waiting in the wings but more often than not it will end up being distributed to charity. Come to think of it, this may very well be the positive side to this pairing of the same sexes.

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