Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Issues

As a Filipino Citizen, we should not only think of ourselves. We should be aware of what's going on in our country and what we can do to make it a better place. Philippines is experiencing crisis so as the whole world and we can help make a difference.

I just graduated from College and as a new graduate, it is very important for me not to belong in the list of "professional unemployed". That is why i am doing my very best to look for a job that is suitable for me and can help me enhance my skills. I don't want to be a burden at home, just sleeping and eating all day long. I want to help my family and i think that's the least i can do. Newly Grads like me should also be keen enogh to look foe a job and not only relying on their parents' money.

Price Hike. Everything is increasing. Gas, Food, Clothing, Fare, Tuition Fees. Nowadays, saving is really the key to everything. If you are not going somewhere very imporatnt, better stay at home. You can save your fare, your gas and your energy as well. I listened to PGMA's SONA last Monday afternoon and she said that removing Value Added Tax from everything is not the solution. She won't remove it because the tax that we are paying is the one making our country survive. She gets those money and pay for our country's debts. and she added that if we will not pay tax anymore, only the rich people can benefit from it. I am very much affected with the increase of everything because my parents are the one suffering from it. They gave us little amount of money and the cost of living we are experiencing really changed from before.


I have nothing against gay people. In fact, they are the ones that is more healthy to be with that straight people. I have gay friends. They make me smile whenever i'm sad, They accompany me whenever i needed somebody. They helped me move on in times of crisis and of heartbreaks. At first, i wasn't really comfortable having them around. They are noisy, loud, exaggerated and they wanted to be always on top of everything. My being too talkative lessen when i am with them because i don't want a fight and we all know that gays are always in search of nuissance. I just laugh my heart out everytime we were together because of the way they speak and act. They make me so happy and amaze.

They are just normal indivisuals like us. They wanted to be love and to be accepted in this society and not being too hard on them. In other countires, gay marriage is legal. That's why Filipino Citizens usually migrate abroad to countries where people can accept them freely. If getting married is what they want, why should i stop them? Why should i not be happy for them? It's their lives and we havr to respect that.

Yes, I do believe that there is hope in this country. First thing that we should do is to be ONE. we should be in cooperation with everything that is happening in our country. What's sad is that we are living in one country, yet we are the ones fighting against each other? How can we make this a better place if we are not in peace at all?

Second, I do believe that RESPECT is the next characteristic that each of us should have. We should respect each other's decision rather than fighting over it. We should respect individuals' voicing out of opinion. It is our right to say what we want to say but that's it. If other people willl not agree on you, it's also their chocie.

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