Monday, July 28, 2008

My Opinion Regarding Gay Marriage

Gay marriage although unusual to some countries yet considered acceptable to some countries particularly USA. Recently, I read news regarding homosexual wedding in California. Some were happy about it specially the homosexuals but as a Christian I am not in favor of it although I respect them as a person.

I am not against of homosexuality. I respect them as how our laws respected them. They deserve to have equal rights in every aspects of human life. Even God loves them. They are people. A human. God's creation.

As a true Christian, I don't agree with gay/lesbian marriage. I am a Christian adhering the teachings of God clearly stated in the Bible. Marriage is only for a man and woman; not for man and man; not even for woman and woman. Even God is strictly forbade it. Remember what he had done with Sodom and Gomorra? It is clear evidence that God hates sexual union between same sexes. As a Christian I am in discrepancy with homosexual marriage.

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