Monday, July 7, 2008

My Philippines

Being a Filipino today is a whole lot different. Being a Filipino takes on a whole new meaning. As a person being born at this time in the country's history, i find myself surrounded by the mistakes of my forefathers. as much as I wouls like to blame my ancestors, i really cannot. And this is what worries me. I feel that the Philippines I live in today isnt any much grander. The environment is delusional, the economy is in the verge of a severe panic atack, the officials are as catatonic as they can be. How dumbfounded I find myself sometimes. Everything would have been as tolerable if only we'd learned our mistakes early on.
It is in this vein that I almost always wanted to be a citizen of another country. REcently, I've read that Denmark is the happiest country to be in. I certainly would go there if given the chance. No hastles, nothing to worry about the economy, the PUJ fare rate, none whatsoever. That would be certainly be a life my forefathers wanted our generation to have.
In the recent wake of events, I firmly say this despite the ill wishes I have always said, that the Philippines will always have a future. Tragedies, scandals, calamities have fallen upon us. our country, its citizens didnt waiver, didnt falter. We went on and strived to flourish as a nation. I pray that we will continue to do do this, be this, and to live this. For I am sure that we all do not want to make the same mistakes ever again.

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