Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Proud to be Gay!

essay : I do have gay friends. In fact, i am surrounded by gay people. They are funny, loud, exagerrated, always wants to be on top and they will never accept rejection. They are the best people to be with if you are sad, experiencing a crisis, just had a break up and all the sad moments that an individual might experience. They will put you up on a pedestal and will never leave your side. They are the very best of a friend that a person can have.

Catholic chursh is not that into gay people. I believe that they were very aware of it but as like everything else, they need time to accept gay marriage. In other countries like Canada and Australia, Gay Marriage is legal. That's why Filipino Citizens migrate there to get married and later on, find a better place for them to live legally and freely.

I just do hope that Philippines will be more open to these situations and will repsect them. Because they are not different from ordinary people. They chose to be happy by having a different preference of gender.

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