Wednesday, August 20, 2008

5 Fashionista must-haves!!!(Guy's should check out!)

For those people out there who think being hip is a "life requirement"'s my 5 basic fashion must-haves...

1. A nice cap- whether a sunny,rainy,or just a bad hair day, a cap should always be a "good icing on the cake" for you guys..because it makes other people focus on your best asset your..... face!. Just make sure that the color blends with almost all of your shirts..

2. Shades- girls find it hot when guys wear them,maybe for a reason thet it adds "appeal" and "mystery" on your eyes.. that chicks wanna dig on what is behind the glasses

3. Accesories - whether necklace,bracelets,or rings...always "Acessorize!!" coz' it just makes dull shirts and pants get-up more "breath-taking"

4. A Pair of shoes- just make sure that it fits the occasion, take special attention on the color make sure it doesn't "hurt the eyes!"

5. Hanky's or handkerchief- though its unexpected that this one will be on my's simply because it shows that you guy's prefer to be neat and clean more than anything for some girls its an additional "pogi points!"

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