Sunday, August 17, 2008


essay : What is your love story?

He is one of those "boys" who attracts girls like magnet. I denied it to myself and I tried to stop it, the feelings in my heart, especially because every girl I know is falling and has fallen for him. I didn't anticipate that I'd suffer the same fate. I've been fine the first 3 months that we've known each other but as the days go, well, I have stumbled and before I knew it, I fell too. Now, I've been nursing an unrequited first love for 11 months already. He treats me special. He's sweet but it's breaking my heart knowing that I'll be nothing to him but a dear friend because he loves another. His friendship is very important to me that I am even able to overlook how I truly feel for him just so I can still keep it. It's sad but hey, it is...Love.

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