Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Daily Dose

(How do you keep yourself fit and healthy?)

We are living on a world full of challenges, but we can face all these through learning from experiences and strategies of living. But, even the toughest man on earth faces stress and weakness. Since all people may face stress and weaknesses, how can we make ourselves fit and healthy?

On my reaserch on the internet, I've read many suggestions related to physical care, which all were true enough. They are posting their ideas and experinces related about fitness and health, but to mention those all may need a lot of time.

Since I've read it, summarization comes. They were just pointing out two aspects, which makes a big deal to our health.

Live a healthy lifestyle.
A healthy diet makes a healthy living. Indulge yourself by having a serving made of fresh fruits and vegetables, eating meat with less fat to provide our body enough energy. Take a warm cup of chocolate milk or plain milk instead of coffee because they provide more nutrients and energy. Exercise must be a part of daily habit, and refrain from being a couch-potato, making yourself more vigorous. Make yourself pleasant by following proper hygiene.

Stop your bad habits.
Quit smoking, no alcohol. Final.
We all know that smoking and drinking to much liqour destroys someone's vital organ. These are just giving us early death, from lungs, to livers, and making even to your behaviour be destroyed, so stop bad habits, now.

An ounce of prevention was better than to a pound of cure, bringing you to a healthy and fit living.

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