Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fitness for Everyday Life

(Top 5 influences in your life)

Have you ever met or even known a person had been called "B.I" or bad influence? Or, have you remembered to one of your precious memories that you're trying to immitate an idol because of the traits endowed on him?

As an individual with a unique personality, roaming everyday at the face of earth, we met many different individuals, too. Starting to your bed, taking up muscle stretches, then working to a company or meeting with schoolmates, they affects our personality, plus the environment we are moving on. Everything seems linked in our daily life, affecting every decisions and strategies of living. Everything was a factor.

We are living to our generation, which, I gonna call it "complex era". Technology mixed with touches of different cultures, the daily living with different social status, world with different ranges of ages, nationality, the clan we are now living with, and beliefs on different philosophies and religion.

In short, we are living on a world where every people distinct to each other. But, I always say, I thank whatever who I am now or who they would be in my surrounding. They build me, a better, brave person, facing challenges of tough world.

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