Monday, August 4, 2008

Given a chance to immigrate, which country & why?

United States of America is the so-called "land of the milk and honeys", given the chance to migrate to a country with different nationality living in would be a great opportunity for me. As we all know, America has the greatest exposure to the world when it comes to movies that usually promote itself as a country. It's exposure to the world has given the country to be in a portion of a dreams in the different minds of the people. Dreams that transpire to a reality to some and a goal to many. Just like others, I would love to live in another country that have shown me it's own beauty and prestige when I was still a child looking at the future in the hands of the entertainment. The exposure that America has shown me provides me the greatest view to this country than the others. People may think that this is obscure yet many are trap in this kind of dream.

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