Saturday, August 16, 2008

Green Eyes

essay : Kate looked out through judging eyes as she surveyed the crowd. It was a fancy place to be on a Friday evening. The dinner for the political officials and several other famous people such as actors, models, and TV show hosts was thrown by the president, and held in a hotel near the center of downtown LA.

She had tried to look her best tonight. She wanted to look professional, but elegant. The black, strapless, evening gown she was wearing made her green eyes stand out. It showed off her slim body and made her teeth look white and her smile look good. The dress didn't show off her chest, but she preferred it that way. She wanted to go home alone tonight.

Her last boyfriend had cheated her, leaving her heart broken. They had been one step away from being engaged, and then he had decided she wasn't enough to satisfy him. Inside, she was glad that they were over.

She walked gracefully over to her boss, and stood next to her. She didn't feel like being a fly on the wall.

The speaker slowly stepped up to the stage. She was pretty sure this was a member of the Supreme Court, but she wasn't sure. Watching his hazel eyes, and the way he held himself, she figured that she had guessed correctly.

Instead of listening to the man go on and on about how he appreciated that everyone was there, and how he was looking forward to the advances that they could make in the country, she decided to people-watch. She scanned the room looking from person to person, entertained by what she saw.

There was a young girl, most likely the daughter of one of the congressmen, trying to hide her cell phone under the table while she was texting. An old lady, possibly the mother or wife of the man standing at the podium, was nodding in approval with his speech, and every now and then she would smile and give a few short claps. A middle aged looking woman in the back of the room was looking at a mini mirror and applying more make-up to her already fully applied face.

As Kate observed, she laid eyes upon a young man, maybe mid-twenties, sitting with all attention to the congressman. The way he sat suggested he did have a lot of power, and that his opinion mattered. Kate guessed that he was about '6' "3" or '6' "4", he had brown wavy hair that was cut short on the sides, and only a little bit loner on top, just enough to make the curliness visible. He wore a tailored suit and had tanned skin. She was sorely disappointed she couldn't see his eyes. He was sitting all the way across the room, and wasn't facing her, so the color of his eyes remained unknown. All in all, he looked like a very interesting man.

Kate turned her attention to the speaker when he closed his speech. Dinner would begin soon; she couldn't wait to get it over with. She wanted to go home and sit on her bed in sweat pants and watch the evening news on her big screen TV.

That wasn't going to happen any time soon.

Kate didn't move when the speech was over. Her seat against the wall ensured her the pleasure of watching as dinner progressed. She didn't want to move, but soon she would have to go sit next to her boss and smile.

The ideas for what she would do when she got home came pouring in. She could go swimming, or maybe she would call Kim, she hadn't seen her best friend in forever. Kim was now currently on her honeymoon. She had just married Tom. Tom was a nice guy; a successful business man. He had money. Kim hadn't cared. That's what had made her so different from the other people Tom had known. Kate smiled, she was glad Kim was happy.

As for her, she was still a loner. Going on twenty one and being the famous model that she was, she could have a boyfriend in minutes if she wanted. But, he wouldn't be real, and she didn't even want a boyfriend. She wanted someone who would be there, and get to know her, who would listen. She wanted someone who didn't just want to be with her for the sex and her money. She sighed. In her circle, that was hard to come by.

Danny was standing next to his dad watching the beautiful lady across the room. The black dress she was wearing hid her chest, but accented that she had one and that her body was sure to be soft, smooth, and sexy. Her arms were just the right size and length, they appeared to have little muscle, but by the look in her greens eyes he guessed that she was fit and fiery.

He watched her look around. Only half of his attention was on her, the other half had to remain in the conversation between his dad, and the speaker of tonight's dinner.
She stood and walked over to the lady known as Shari Brown. Shari brown was world known for the ability to spot talent and beauty. She connected the two. The woman in the black dress was a model for Ms. Brown. He frowned. He couldn't remember her name, but the woman did look familiar.

He racked his brain as he moved to sit down at the tables for dinner. His appetite was strong as ever, but it was being demolished by the failure to remember her name.
"Why are you frowning, Danny?" His dad looked at him. The mix of displeasure and concern suited him.

"I can't remember something, it's nothing." His dad connected two and two faster than he could say what he said.

"Kate Turner."

He smiled at his dad. He wondered how his dad somehow knew everything.

The dinner was over and waiters were ushering everyone into the ballroom for the socializing and dancing. Kate was looking for her boss. She wanted the permission to go home. She was in no mood to dance.

There were not many people there, but Shari was still hard to find. She seemed to blend with the crowd too well. "Aren't the people here simply beautiful? Look at some of these dresses. That one over there is a French style." Shari startled her. Kate spun around and saw Shari laughing.

"Do I have to stay for the dancing?"


"I really just want to go home, Shari." Kate interrupted.

"One dance, and then you may leave. Who knows? Maybe you will actually meet a much nicer man than Sam."

Kate rolled her eyes and followed her boss into the ball room. The room was sparkles and glitter everywhere. It looked like what it was; a bunch of rich people getting together to show off their glamour.

Kate moved around the edge of the room. She only had to stay here for moments more, just till the first dance had started and then finished.

She sighed, and then sat down in a plush chair against the wall.

Danny walked confidently towards Kate. He wanted to dance with her, and then he would consider not asking her for her phone number. He knew her public number, but he wanted her private number.

He put his smile on, and then walked up to her. "Ma'am, would you do me the pleasure of dancing with me?" She looked up at him, obviously surprised. She looked like she was content to sit right where she was. He saw her hesitate.

Just at that moment Ms. Brown came up, "She would love to dance with you." She said, volunteering Kate. To his displeasure, Kate looked horrified.

Reluctantly, she obeyed her boss, and followed him to the dance floor. She walked like a feather. He noted that, and tucked it away. She smoothly set her hand on his forearm while he placed his hand on the small of her back. The dance began.

Kate hadn't wanted to dance, but she had little choice, and it would be more enjoyable than sitting on the sidelines.

To her delight, he had alive, grey eyes. He smiled through them, without showing any other emotion on his face what-so-ever. "So, sir, may I know your name?" She asked, she knew she would need the answers to a few questions before the dance was over, Shari would drill her on Monday.

"Danny Gail; and you?"

She looked surprised that he had asked the question. He already knew, but hearing it from her would make him less uneasy. "Kate Turner."

He smiled. She tried not to notice, he was too beautiful when he smiled.

"Favorite thing to do?" He asked, now wanting to get to know her.

"Ride my horses." She said with a smile. He almost messed up on his dancing. It wasn't common knowledge that she loved horses. She kept that to herself. It explained why she lived just outside of LA, instead of in the city. "And you?"

He smiled. "Drive my sports car." She laughed. It was a good sound. "I like to play volley ball on the beach."

She didn't say anything. By the distant look in her eyes, he guessed that she was thinking about something else.

The dance ended. "Would you dance the next with me?" He asked, hoping she would say yes.

"I want to go home."

He kept his smile up, but inside, he was disappointed.


Kate pushed up from the bottom of the pool for some air. She loved the feel of the cool water in the summer heat. She loved the sensual feeling of water running over her smooth tan body.

Danny's smiling face appeared in her mind again. She smiled. She liked him. She wasn't going to date him, but she liked him. He seemed like he would be a good friend. That was why she had given him her private number. He had called her on her way home, just to make sure it worked. She laughed. He had a good sense of humor.

She swam in a circle, and then dove for the deepest part of the pool, reaching down to about eleven feet. The water pressure made her swim back up before she reached the bottom. She swam to the side of the pool and held on to the edge. She looked around. There was no one there, of course. Her landscaped back yard was kept private by a high brown fence. The gate that led out to her fenced pastures was at the very end of her lawn. She smiled when she started thinking about Fire, her horse.

She smiled to herself after she made sure the maids had gone to there quarters, and her house manager was nowhere to be seen. She slipped her bikini off of her body, both pieces, and then ducked under the water, leaving the swim suit on the side of the pool. She smiled to herself. It felt good to be released.

The water slid over her breasts and around her fine curves. She loved the feeling of nothing weighing her down.

Kate darted through the water, perfectly happy. It felt good to swim naked.

She came back to the side of the pool for her swim suit, and stopped before reaching out to put it on. To her horror, there was Danny, an amused grin slapped on his face as he watched her come up for some air.

"What are you doing here?" She gasped, not sure whether to be mad or embarrassed.

"Sorry for intruding, you left your purse at the party." He was still smiling.

"Did you see me-"

"No, don't worry. I was just amused, and also curious as to if you usually swim naked." He laughed as he said the words.

She pulled her strapless bathing suit top into the water, and put it on, along with the bottom piece. "I don't, but considering it there was dim lighting, it was late, and nobody was-I mean nobody should have been there, it seemed like the relaxing thing to do."

He smiled, and then seemed to notice the darkness of the sky and the tall, solid fence around her huge yard, also the fact that they were probably the only two people up and awake for miles. "I suppose so." He spoke with a chuckle.

After she had put her bathing suit back on, she pulled herself out of the pool, not bothering to use the steps that were only a few feet away.

He watched her get out of the pool. She was insanely sexy. He had seen pictures, but they didn't capture even a small piece of what it was like to see her in person. Unlike the dress, the swim suit showed off her chest, and her amazingly baby-ish, soft legs.

She walked past him. The water dripping from her body added something to her beauty. She picked up her towel and began to dry her hair. She dried her front. He watched her, absolutely thrilled. She handed him the towel and then turned around to show her back. He smiled. Slowly, he dried her. Finishing, he wrapped the towel around her and then turned her around to face him.

She looked at him, smiling. "You want to come inside, Stranger?"

He laughed, and then followed her inside.

Her heart was pounding in her chest. It had been a while before she had had a gorgeous single young man at her house. She kept a calm appearance, but inside she was bubbling over, a bit frantic as to what to do, she didn't want to sleep with him when she had just met him moments before.

He took his jacket off and hung it over the back of one of her kitchen chairs, making himself at home. She smiled at his ability to do so, and watched as he seated himself in her living room. "So what do you want to do?" The mirth around his eyes showed that he wanted to stay, and that he wanted to get to know her.

She smiled. "I think I am going to go change. Do you know how to play chess?"

"Yes." Kate laughed as he accepted her challenge.

"Then sit at the coffee table, and I will be right back." The glass chess set on her coffee table was one of her prized possessions. It had cost her almost one grand to have that set made. It was made half out of glass and half out of crystal. The detail and the beauty of each piece was what made the set original.

She went up the stairs and walked into her room. She slipped her swim suit off and walked nude across her room to her closet. She picked plain, white, matching lingerie, and then put some white shorts and a white tank top over it. She picked up her black silk robe, put it on, and then headed downstairs.

He watched her walk into the room with the same grace that she had used walking in the ballroom. It was natural. Being a famous model, he guessed that it had to be.

She had a black robe tied loosely around her waist. A see-through white shirt peeked out from under the robe. He smiled when she sat down opposite of him, and started the game immediately by moving the pawn in front of her king forward one space. She had a strategy. He had a feeling that this was not a game that she took lightly, nor that she lost.

Kate looked at the clock that hung on the wall behind Danny. 2:08 a.m. They were on the end of their fifth game of chess, each one longer than the other, yet she had won them all.

Danny was getting frustrated. He was already down to just his queen, his king, and one of his castle pieces. She had a feeling that this was good for him. While he tried to figure out which move to make next, she studied the castle piece. The glass and crystal had been cut with great detail. The piece was about and inch and a half tall, cut in the shape of a tower. The tower, instead of being a flat top, had the image of an actual castle sitting on a mountain carved into it. All four castle piece looked identical. It was a wonder of craftsmanship that Kate would never really understand.

Danny looked from his check-mated king to his cornered queen, and realized that wasn't any way that he could win the game. He flicked his king down and then sat back against the foot of the couch and crossed his arms, pretending to pout. "Next time we play volley ball." He said grumpily.

It was amazing that both of them were still awake, and most defiantly not ready to go to bed. She smiled. "Deal."

They moved to the couches. Kate sat on one end of the cream colored leather couch, and Danny sat at the other. They looked at each other, smiling. "Next topic?" He asked while covering a yawn.

"Why did you come to my house in the first place? Like, why were you the on to volunteer to bring my purse home?"

He smiled slowly. She yawned and looked him straight in the eye. In that moment, they connected. She realized that this man was really what she wanted. He listened, he was funny, he was gorgeous, but money wasn't the most important thing for him. By the way he talked, it sounded like his dad was. He was sensitive, and best of all? He was loyal to his friend till the end. She smiled while she thought about her list as she mentally checked every 'requirement' box.

He didn't answer her question, he really didn't need to. He patted the couch next to him, and she slid over. As she settled in his arms she realized that they fit together just right. She looked up at him. His eyes were clear, sparkling, and vibrant up close. She settled her head on his chest.

She listened to his heart beat. She didn't want to forget this moment. She sighed and closed her eyes.

When she opened them she looked back at Danny. He was looking at her with that inexplicable look in his eyes.

He kissed her. It was the sweetest thing that she had ever experienced. She felt him softly angle his head so he could give her a French kiss. She allowed it.

Danny slowly began to reach into her and curl around her heart. She closed her eyes, enjoying the sweet sensation of kissing him. She leaned in and let them deepen the kiss. She let herself explore as she began to massage his lips with hers. Everything about him was self-controlled, patient, and slow. For minutes he didn't make one movement to taking her clothes off. When he did, she barely even noticed it.

His slipped his arms inside of her robe so he could hold her closer to him. At the same time he pulled the robe off. He didn't hurry with pulling her off of the couch and into his arms. He walked slowly up to her room, and took his time getting her ready for bed.

As he undressed her he carefully made love to every part of her body. When he finished he put her head on her pillow and pulled the covers over he body. By now she was sleepy and in total bliss as she absently ran her fingers through his hair.

Kate woke the next morning at around noon, the last night hazy in her memory. She remembered being kissed, and then...She looked to the door and looked around the room. Danny was nowhere to be seen.

She got out of bed and found her clothes scattered on the floor. She put her lingerie on and then slipped her black silk robe over her and tied the string.

She wandered from her room to the kitchen downstairs and found Danny, not wearing a shirt, and cooking some scrambled eggs. He looked up when he heard her walk into the kitchen. She moved the cooked eggs off of the oven burner and walked over to Kate.

He gave her a good morning kiss that tasted like spices and honey. She put her arms around his neck. He untied her robe and slipped his arms around her back and softly kissed her for a few moments.

He stopped and put his forehead to hers. "You didn't stay with me last night."

"You had a long day, I didn't want to make it too much for you." He said through a smile that made her heart do somersaults.

She kissed his nose and then gave him a hug. "Thanks."

She stepped back and looked at Danny with her green eyes. She smiled at him. Kate already felt like she knew him in and out.

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