Monday, August 18, 2008

Hale: Keep it Fit!

I may not sound original. Nevertheless, I would still say "Health is Wealth". To take it literally, yes it is since the cost of health care services nowadays constantly rises up. On the other hand health is wealth in such a way that when you're healthy you can do a lot more in this life. To fulfill one's dream is enough accomplishment to consider as wealth. Moreover no amount of money can buy us health and happiness that goes with it.
Here are few tips:

Exercise is always on top of the list.
It's cheap aside from its very practical for those people who have busy lifestyle. According to the experts we need at least 30 minutes of brisk walking daily. This will boost our energy level, improves our heart function, oxygen supply to the brain and other parts of the body and keep our body sexy…how about that. Isn't that sounds good too.

Drink lots of water too, if I was a doctor I would probably always prescribed this. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day or as tolerated. It keeps our skin glowing and our body hydrated. But don't dare try substitute commercial drinks from water. Some beverages contain dehydrating agents that reduce water reserves in our body contradicting the point of drinking in the first place.

Eat lots of food: variety of food. Variety of food can supplement us of our need for different supplies of minerals and vitamins everyday. Fruits and vegetables are very good source of balance diet and the good news about it also contain Glutathione, the most controversial medication nowadays. Eating meat sparingly can help us save our budget that also means fewer fats and calories.

Avoid "unhealthy" habits. Stop abusing your body! Just think it this way.
Smoking is to- bad breath: bad skin: lung cancer: dark lips!
Alcohol is to- disturbed sleep: liver cancer; dry skin: and bad breathe too!
Sleep Deprivation is to- eye bag-layers of eye bag: plus yuckie pimples and oily skin.

and last but not the least

Get a Life!
Breakaway from daily stress, loosen up and have time to relax at the end of the day. After all, it's all you've got. Live, eat and breathe everyday. Just live your life the best way you know how. Pamper, accept and love yourself. Think healthy, happy and always be positive! On the other hand I think the secret of enjoying a life is to always have happy thoughts. This will keep us looking young and healthy too.

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