Friday, August 29, 2008

Hot Pictures of Drew Arellano

drew arellano *sigh* by mooty.

Naked Drew Arellano. Isn't he hot.

Celebrites Pose after a hard fought match by burlingtonc3.

Drew in his basketball jersey. He's definitely straight.

P3110344 by burlingtonc3.

Hard biceps of Drew. I can just lick those armpits.

P3110329 by burlingtonc3.

Love that tattoo Drew.

we are the gwapings! by burlingtonc3.

Raise those armpits Drew. The luscious armpits of Drew Arellano.

P3110315 by burlingtonc3.

Sweaty Drew. Hottttnesss.

P3110313 by burlingtonc3.



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