Monday, August 18, 2008

An Inspiration

*Top 5 influences in my life

What keeps me going?
My father is a great influence in my life. it is he who taught me how to cook, wash clothes, and study very very hard. It is he who installed love in reading at my young age, as he reads newspaper while I'm on his lap. He stressed that education is the only wealth that he could provide that no one will ever take away from me even if he's already gone. And He was right.
No one will ever judge the kind of influence that a church could give when it comes to living life in accordance with God's will. It is a great influence that keeps me going even when everything seems wrong, that trials were keep on coming. My faith helps me become stong.
Technology somehow taught me to become competitive. As new generation comes, we need to cope up with the changes.
When it comes to decision making, my sister Rosemarie influenced me most. I almost hate her for she keeps on deciding for myself. But I learned a lot from her.
My special someone will never be out of the list. I learned to believe in my capabilities because of him. He's an inspiration.
Whatever influences us, still it is our own self who knows when to be influenced. Life is full of twists that we must be able to cope up with.
Be inspired in everything we do.

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